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Services we provide

 Local Delivery

Local Delivery

  • Comprehensive fleet of 10ft trucks up to 24ft heavy duty trucks
  • Provide Storage
Residential/Commercial Move

Residential/Commercial Move

  • Residential Move – HDB/CONDO/LANDED PROPERTY
  • International Move
  • Industrial, Factory and Warehousing Relocation
  • Office & Commercial Move
  • Exhibition and Roadshow event
  • Provide Temporary Storage
Full Container Haulage

Full Container Haulage

  • Import/Export haulage services
  • Container Stuff and Unstuffing
  • Provide Storage Services

Let us take care of these challenges for you

Inaccurate Quotation

Our quotation is highly competitive and accurate

Damaged Goods

We know how to take care of your furniture and equipment. From wrapping to moving

Inefficient Moving

Because our staffs are trained and we have the economy of scale for moving, you can be assured that we get your goods moved quickly

We make commercial or residential moving easy for you


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  • Site Visit for more accurate assessment.
  • Packing materials for customer’s preparation.


  • Timely move on booked session.
  • Move with properly equipped vehicles to prevent any damage.


  • Delivered in a timely & orderly manner.

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