lorry driving in sunset

Whether it is relocating your workspace or moving to a new flat, the process of relocating comes with its own set of stressors, costs, time constraints, and requirements. To ensure a smooth relocation, most Singapore businesses and homeowners hire professional movers, like LCH Logistics, to assist them with their...

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Lorry Driver

Moving from one place to another is without a doubt one of the most tedious jobs for many. Many decisions need to be made, including whether to hire a moving company or rent a lorry with driver to help you move. Think about it. If you’re moving your entire...

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office relocation

Relocating your business operations during this pandemic can be challenging and stressful as everyone is required to adhere to safe management measures to curb the spread of COVID-19. For businesses that were affected by the pandemic, the gradual reopening can be regarded as good news. While for others, moving...

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Asian Woman with packed up Furniture

Moving house soon? While it can be an exciting experience to move into a new environment, the thought of moving and packing all your stuff (think small and large items) can be daunting at times. Aside from dealing with the transportation of all your items to your new place,...

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Residential Moving Asian Family

So you’ve been given an opportunity to move, which can be due to a new job or you’ve simply found a new place to stay at. Regardless of the reason you decide to move, it’s important for you to relocate safely during this global pandemic.   You see, the...

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Office Moving

Relocating your business operations has its pros and cons, but it’s a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Much like a residential move, a commercial move can be costly, may disrupt your business operations and affect your future expansion. These aside, a change in business location can lead to...

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