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Moving house soon? While it can be an exciting experience to move into a new environment, the thought of moving and packing all your stuff (think small and large items) can be daunting at times.

Aside from dealing with the transportation of all your items to your new place, you also have to settle your change of address, schedule for utility cut/connection, etc. If you plan to relocate on your own, know that you’ll need to plan accordingly to avoid any unwanted situation.

That said, when it comes to preparing for a move, one of the challenges is to keep your furniture from breaking during the relocation. The small items shouldn’t be a problem, but the challenge lies in moving large items such as your furniture, especially if you’re relocating on your own.


Without proper planning, packaging and equipment, you may risk damaging your furniture during the move. So how can you ensure that your furniture is safe during the relocation? Ahead, we’re sharing some tips for you to protect your furniture.


Prepare your packing supplies

It’s common to assume that all you need to pack your items for relocation are some cardboard boxes, tapes, and plastic wraps. While these items will work, investing in more supplies such as bubble wraps, sealable plastic bags, and mattress covers will ensure a smooth and flawless relocation.


Disassembling what you can

Though not every furniture can be disassembled for a relocation, some furniture such as your bed frame, table, and wardrobe can be disassembled beforehand to save space and reduce the weight load.

Make sure to wrap all the parts of your furniture with a durable plastic wrap or protective covering to prevent them from getting scratched or damaged during the relocation. Another way to protect your furniture from breaking during relocation is to wrap them with blankets, large sheets, flattened cardboard or towels.


Pack furniture screws, nuts accordingly

Now that you’ve disassembled what you can, don’t forget to pack the screws, nuts, and bolts accordingly in labelled plastic bags. That way, you won’t lose any of the small pieces during relocation.

You can also pack the screws, nuts, and bolts together with your furniture to prevent misplacing them. Once you arrive at your new home and begin to reassemble your furniture, you won’t have to look far for all the important pieces.


Prepare a placement plan

Aside from protecting your furniture, you should also consider how you place them in the moving truck. Make sure to take the time to plan so that it’ll be easier for you to move your items.

That said, you should first load the truck with large and heavy furniture to provide stability across the backend of the truck. Move your heavy boxes, which doesn’t contain any fragile items, to fill the space.

You can then load your dressers or desks against your heavy boxes for added cushion. Make sure to place some blankets or towels between your furniture pieces to cushion for any impact during the move.

Move in your mattress next. Be sure to use a mattress cover to protect it from dirt and secure it with a rope to reduce its size. When it’s time to unload the truck, make sure you have each room clearly marked, to make things easier for the movers (that’s if you plan to hire residential movers to help).


No doubt that relocating or moving your house can be tedious as it requires proper planning and scheduling. If you’re looking to cut cost during your relocation, you can consider renting a lorry and get help from your family and friends.

If it seems difficult to get help from your family and friends, consider hiring residential movers from a relocation service company like LCH Logistics. That way, you won’t have to worry about getting the extra help you need. Besides, they offer packaging services which means you don’t have to go out and gather the supplies and pack all your stuff on your own.


Additionally, residential movers are equipped with all the skills and knowledge needed to move your furniture and handle your items without causing any damage during the relocation. You can rest assured that all your furniture and items will be handled with care.

Not only that, but relocation service company also have the necessary moving equipment such as moving dollies, hand trucks, floor protectors, etc. to ensure you have a smooth and damage-free relocation.


If you’re wary of residential movers in Singapore, be sure to do your research ahead of time and decide on one that’s trustworthy and reliable. At LCH Logistics, we offer three types of moving services – local deliveries, house move or corporate move, and full container haulage.


For an affordable relocation service, you’ve come to the right place. For your moving needs, email us at or contact us at (65) 6570 9560 or (65) 9224 9911.

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